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Using Collagen, The Right Way

Jun 16, 2023

A single soldier may be able to fight a battle, but surely can't win a war.
Planning and strategizing are key to win every battle, external or internal.
And life surely throws many at us every day, many we can't even control. But some we can and it's absolutely detrimental for us to win those.

As we age, things get slower, our skin feels looser, we'd rather take the elevator than the stairs, we can't give our children a piggy back ride, and so many more examples which make us see how aging is affecting not only us, but even our family. And to reverse or slow this process, we do everything, from creams to masks, even home remedies, but often we lack in research and information with respect to what ACTUALLY WORKS.

Since 2014, the google search for Collagen has increased a hundred fold and so have the sales of products claiming to have Collagen. But is collagen alone effective in the fight against all the struggles of aging? Collagen alone may be able to win a fight, but surely can't win them all alone. This is why it's essential to understand what is the RIGHT WAY to consume Collagen so that we reap all its benefits, without compromising our health.

1. Hyaluronic Acid (also HA) is a substance found in almost every cell in our body - just like Collagen!

This is what makes them so similar, and what makes them the best of friends. It regulates cell growth, cell adhesion - binds them together and repairs wounds. A water binding molecule, it holds nearly 1000 times its own weight and thus, is a GOD SEND for radiant skin!. Your thought of using Hyaluronic Acid is absolutely right, and you can boost its benefits by combining it with Collagen. So why not get something which has both?.

2. BIOTIN and B12

Biotin and B12 are two of the most interesting vitamins of the Vitamin B family. They metabolise proteins, which is why many protein sources are also rich in Vitamin B. Extremely important for the development and growth of muscles, B12 pairs wonderfully with Collagen in order to increase the effects of it, tenfold. Just like Collagen is the building protein for skin and bone elasticity, HA for skin and skeletal moisture and lubrication, Biotin is for metabolizing amino acids present in the proteins consumed. In addition to that, Biotin is suggested for improved hair and nail health. Which is why Collagen and Biotin make wonderful partners.

3. Omega 3&6

Commonly called “Essential Fats” Omega 3&6 are fats that our body doesn't produce on its own and have to be consumed externally. These fats render benefits to our heart, brain and metabolism. Omega 6 fats provide energy while Omega 3 is important for improving health, reducing liver fat, and reducing weight.

4. Vitamin K2-7

Vitamin K2-7 is a form of vitamin K that helps in bone health, effecting our range of motion and flexibility. Compared to vitamin K1, K2-7 is more bioavailable which means it's absorbed better by the body. It also aids in deposition of calcium in bones, ultimately improving bone health. Collagen for Bones and Joints thus enriched with Vitamin K2-7 would provide a more holistic solution to enhance mobility.

The struggles of Aging are not only visible on our faces, but are also felt through reduced metabolism, thinning hair and low energy levels. And to address these concerns, which is the priority of anyone wanting a happier and longer life, it is paramount to address them as collectively as possible. To win this fight, all soldiers should be up front, and ZYOG brings them all together in Bioactive Marine Type II Collagen Peptides.