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The Value of Collagen

Jun 16, 2023

First things first, what we consume internally, shows externally - on our body, face, hair, even nails!
In the world of fast food, and ever faster lives, we strive to improve ourselves in every sphere but fail to see how what we eat, what we consume DIRECTLY affects us. To ensure our protein intake, our vitamins & minerals is to ensure supreme health which in turn effects our relationships and careers. Climate change and the Pandemic have most definitely added new elements to take care of when it comes to achieving the looks and feel of being young, healthy and active.


Proteins are the building block of cell. And which is the most found protein in the human body? Collagen! 30% of all protein found in the human body is Collagen. The word itself has Greek origins, where “Colla” means Glue and “Gen” denotes producing. It's literally the glue that holds everything together - Skin, Bones, Joints, Hair, Our Life! Skin being the largest organ, the connective tissue carries a large amount of Collagen. It helps our skin stretch, move, recover and replenish. Without it, we would fall apart. Here's the sad bit, Collagen starts to deplete as we age, giving us wrinkles, saggy skin, thin hair and brittle nails.

Here's the happy bit, you don't have to go through any of these phases of Aging!! Hence it is absolutely essential for us to consume Collagen for continued healthy and cheerful living.

Collagen has been a healing substance for a long time.
We understand that in today's world, hustle culture and pollution have affected our Collagen and as we age, it reduces even more. We also understand that compromise on Collagen- perhaps the most essential protein for the human body, is not an option.


Mainly there are five types of Collagen -
Type I - this is the most prevalent type in our bodies, the one most focused on due to its contribution in skin elasticity, hair, nails, bone strength and healing - which directly contributes to skeletal strength.
Type II is less prevalent but is extremely important for cartilage.
Type III is found around reticular fibres such as the Bone Marrow.
Type IV is found in structural networks in organs.
Type V is Found in the cornea of our eyes, skin and hair. Each Collagen type serves its own purpose in maintaining and replenishing as and when we age.


Japanese Marine Collagen is one of the most sort-after sources of Collagen which not only acts as Anti-Aging agent but also helps in improving hair and nail quality, and the strength of Bones and Joints.


For skin, hair and nails, Type I and Type III are the way to go. They replenish and repair skin cells, reduce dryness and wrinkling.
ZYOG provides both Type I and Type III in one, in Its Bioactive Marine Type I and Type III Collagen Peptides, which also has the benefits of Hyaluronic acid providing plump and radiant skin, and Biotin for hair and nails. Bioactive Marine Type I And III Collagen Peptides.
For increasing joint and cartilage strength, Type II is best. ZYOG has developed Bioactive Marine Type II Collagen peptides with additional Vitamin C and B12 which provides support for the growth and repair of cartilage tissue, as well as relieve joint inflammation and pain. Bioactive Marine Type II Collagen Peptides
Whatever your concerns may be; young and bouncy skin, with a glowing complexion, or to achieve ultimate strength and mobility in your joints and bones, ZYOG understands and addresses your concerns, and gives you The Better Nutrition.