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Jun 16, 2023

21st century brought many revolutions benefitting the human race, but unfortunately also brought their repercussions. One of the major ones being on our digestive gut. Richest of the richest people suffer from unhealthy guts and digestive issues, bringing into consideration how important it is to focus on it, on what we eat, drink, and what else can we do to aid it to be better?

A healthy gut is essential for our overall wellbeing and contributes heavily in keeping us fit. It is responsible for nutrient absorption and to utilize them from the foods we consume. If our digestive gut is healthy, we will be better equipped to tackle any health issues that come our way as we'll have the power packed nutrients to fight against them.

A well-functioning digestive system, breaks down food more efficiently and prevents bloating, gas, constipation and thus makes us feel lighter and more abled to go about our daily activities. To achieve a gut that does the work for you, making you feel healthy, light and happy, and not one that works against you by giving you stomach troubles, gut flora is extremely important.

Gut microbiota, also known as Gut Flora and Gut Microbiome, is the community of microorganisms that live and work in our digestive systems.

Trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes, work from home and work hard, to help our large intestine absorb better. These are specific to each one of us, influenced by genetics, diet, environment and lifestyle. Digestion and Metabolism are also affected by this community of Gut Flora, as it helps in digesting dietary components such as fibre which humans can't digest on our own.

They break down carbohydrates, release nutrients, and synthesise vitamins like Vitamin K and some B Vitamins. One of the most important roles of the Gut Flora is in regulation of the immune system. It helps in understanding which substances are useful and which aren't, which develops immune responses to any harmful pathogens. Thus, a healthy gut is a barrier against pathogens and protects against infections.

Achieving a healthy culture of Gut flora and microbiomes is extremely necessary and equally difficult in today's time and age.

This is where ZYOG comes in. With live microflora cultures and Collagen, which is known for its replenishing qualities , And Inulin - a prebiotic to help develop these microbiome cultures in the future as well,

Comes as a saviour for all who aim for a healthy digestive system, a thriving Gut Flora and the stress free life of easy digestion, without stomach issues. ZYOG Pre and Probiotic empowers us to live freely without worrying about daily digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation. To live to our fullest potential, with a healthy gut, full of happiness.